Zero Waste Movements

Ever wonder what it looks like to live zero waste?

Refuse.    Reduce.
Reuse.    Repair.
Recycle.     Rot.
Thrift shopping, got some nice clothes!
Turn old t-shirts into no sew cloth bags.
Turn old clothes into handkerchiefs,  cotton.
Cloth diaper cleaners,  jug is recyclable waste.
Laundry cleaners, jug is returnable and reusable!
Homemade deodorant 
Growing roots from these clippings, Christmas cactus.

Coffee in my own mug out of home!

My own bar of soap and handtowel at public washroom

Plastic waste free school lunch!
Homemade playdoh

Homemade mustard pickles
Farmer’s Market haul!
Reusable snack bags, machine washable!
Our 1 bag of recyclables for a month.

Second hand shopping. Jeans are perfect!

If you look, you can find plastic free items, like these sticky notes!

Farmer’s market haul
Fixed this cracked bin. Can use it for simple storage or outdoors
Bring your own snacks on adventures (Homemade bread in a reused bag)
Support local and bring your own container
Waste free popcorn!
Takeout Pizza in my own dish instead of box!
Farmer’s market haul, smaller than usual.
Vodka shot and orange slices instead of orange juice cartons!

Sort trash properly! Waste, compost, paper, metals.

Bring reusables and snacks from home!
Laundry Soap, returnable/reusable bottle.
Cloth Diapers and Reusable Wipes.

Packing Cloth Diapers, freshly washed.
Whole Chicken wrapped in butcher paper
Bread storage without bags.

Reusable Keurig pod and pckage free coffee grinds.
Returnable container, cleaning soap = zero waste.
Summerside Farmer’s Market, support local!

Superstore, bring your own container!

Bulk Barn, package free, bring your own container!

The Summerside Butcher Shop, butcher paper.
Plastic free sidewalk chalk.

Homemade Hazel Nut Spread

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