School Supplies for 2019-2020

I am taking on the challenge to purchase our own school supplies, for 3 children, instead of paying out to the school to pick up the supplies. The main reason is to reduce plastic waste and reuse items we already have. All the items are paid for (optional) before the previous year ends. The teachers collect a sum of money and purchase all the items the students need for the coming year. A parent can choose to purchase and collect these items on their own.

Every year, when school finishes for Summer break, the kids bring home all their school work and the tools they used throughout the year. Tools I am talking about are writing utensils and a case to put them in. An agenda bag, duotangs and binders. Ear phones for the computer too. So many of these items can be reused, if they are still in good condition of course!

The money that was owed for the supplies was $45.00 per child this year. I’m curious to know if I can beat that price too! Lol!

School supply list for Alaina and Daniel. Waiting for Julia’s to be sent.
Have are emptied, here is their take home items.
Julia. Agenda bag (left) still in good condition for reuse. Maybe the duotangs as well.
Alaina. Agenda bag still in good condition as well as the binder. Pretty sure the pencil case is good to go too!
Daniel. Agenda bag is good to go. Binder too. His pencil case is not much good anymore, but we do have spares from previous years still in good condition.
Alaina’s school bag has a tiny hole on the front. Quick fix and it will be good to go!
Julia’s school bag has seen better days! I have already repaired it two times. It is just the front picture that is tearing away, the rest of the bag is good. I will be investing to teachers new sturdy one for school like Daniel and Alaina. These Disney such bags are not good for school! They last one year (been through a couple with the other kids previously).
Lunch cans are still in good condition. Alaina, and Daniel (left two) went through one year. Julia’s lunch can is an old one. The inside is still good, but the outside has seen better days. I will decide if she needed a new one later, probably. This one can be reused as a play toy at home.
Alaina, Daniel and Julia.