People and Groups I Follow

Working Progress, March 11 2020

I want to keep a list of people and groups I follow, this way I can easily find them and go straight to the link. Kind of like a bookmark, but on my site. A very easy search, alphabetical order. These will show where some of my ideas and inspiration come from and where I can express mine with like minded people. Together we can make a difference by sharing and tip giving. Sometimes its the smallest piece of advice that helps us as individuals put things together.

Canada Mason Jar Reuse Network, member on Facebook

Environmental Working Group (EWG)

Island Waste Management Corporation Sorting Guide

Journey to Zero Waste Canada, member on Facebook

Waves of Change, member on  Facebook

Zero Waste Chef , also following on Facebook

Zero Waste Nerd, also following on Facebook

Zero Waste PEI, member on Facebook

Zero Waste Vancouver, member on Facebook