Crayon In The Laundry!

Today I had a mountain of laundry to do! I could not get it done over the weekend and today was the next possible time to do it. No stress! Really!

On my way upstairs to get dressed for the day, Thomas politely gave me a piece of crayon he found on the floor. It was small! Like a centimeter long. Purple. I put it in my house coat to deal with later.

I got upstairs, got dressed and gathered the mountains of laundry from the bedrooms and put my house coat on top of the pile. Yup. You know what happened next!

I sorted the colors from darks and lights and browns. Put the lights in the wash first. Of course, my house coat is light grey. First load finished, I put it in the dryer with the clean diaper stash so together it would be a large load to dry, not 2 small loads.

The dryer finished and I gathered the laundry out of it. To my surprise on the table while I was folding . . . The color purple was showing up! And I immediately knew what happened! About 7 articles of clothing were smudged in melted crayon.

Since there was so little crayon, it spread thinly, not crumbly. This happened a couple years ago with an orange crayon that was in a basket of clothes. Funny, one of Alaina’s tops was a victim of both incidents. The diaper liners and shells were effected. My house coat and tie too. 2 of Jack’s t-shirts, a tiny spot on Chris’s pj pants, and two of Alaina’s tops.

One of those tops really had feeling disapointed!! It was bad!!! I will get to it after!

I googled ways to clean them, and found a page. Though I was not going to use hot water in the washing machine, I decided to try scrubbing by hand with Dawn dish soap and hot water with a rag/toothbrush.

My house coat was coming clean in no time!! I could not believe it!! Worked so well!!

Next came the easy clothing, 3 of the tops and pj pants. No problem!! If I found the spots were still lightly coloured purple, I added some vinegar to the clothing, and it came right out! I still can not believe how easy it was.

Next came the special shirt of Alaina’s. Grammie brought it back with her from Chris’s sister Catherine from Milwaukee. Alaina wears it all the time. Chris and the kids were just face timing Catherine yesterday. They have not done that in a long time and everybody had a great day! So nice to chat with family not often seen! Alaina of course was wearing the shirt and Aunty Catherine got to see that. Alaina loved to show her!

So, getting back to the mess. Here is the picture.

The pictures don’t do justice! It’s so bad! I think I spent 30 minutes or more on this top rubbing in lots of TLC! I kept thinking that “this is not going to work! The shirt is supposed to be white. Its going to turn out pink”.

Here is the end result!

Flawless! I was surprised and so happy!!

I can’t wait to show Alaina when she gets home!!

What A Day!

Busy day catching up from the busy weekend. Where is the coffee!!??

10:00 am starting laundry, mega amount!

Oh dear! My house coat housed a tiny purple crayon Thomas gave me this morning when I was on my way to get dressed. I put it in my pocket and there it washed and melted on my house coat and some other clothing items . . .

Diapers in the wash getting prepared to be stripped overnight.

    • 10:25 am Bread and sub buns!

  • Bread finished at 4:30pm
  • 10:40 am, coffee!!!!
    11:20, second sip = reheat!!!
  • Dishes. Not using dishwasher, not that hurried!
  • 10:40 am, Granola Bars!

        • The crayon mess really took a toll on my day. Probably 2 hours for sure spent on cleaning the clothes marked with crayon.
        • Big Birthday bash tomorrow for Thomas, turning 2! Cake making, decorations need to be put together, Jack still needs to pick up something to give to Thomas. I really want to collect a group of photos of Thomas’ 2 years! Busy day tomorrow!
    • Bake a cake for Thomas! –Tuesday
    • Make decorations for Thomas’s Birthday!-Tuesday
    • General house clean up.-Tuesday
    • Collect pictures of Thomas’s first 2 years.-Tuesday

Thomas’ crochet blanket underway

I made all the kids, my husband and I large blankets. 300 stitches long (8′-9′) and about 85 stitches wide (5′-6′). All single stitch. 4 large rolls of RedHeart yarn. Though this time around, to avoid the plastic bag these rolls are in, I am buying 9 small rolls which are not bagged! Yay!

I really want to make a trip to MacAusland’s Woolen Mill for natural wool yarn in the future!

Organize Cupboards

My cupboards have been moved again. Removing the coffee maker from its position cleared space in the cupboards. I also removed some old dishes that do not get used. Less is more!

This shelf has a bunch of Bulk Barn items. Nuts, seeds, pretzels, popcorn and honey. Crackers.

Our junk shelves. Some items from Halloween, but the candy and chocolates came wrapped free from Bulk Barn. I refill the gum ball machine from Bulk Barn too. Graham crackers and homemade granola bars. Fruit cups and cat treats. Chips take the top shelf and Party mix from Bulk Barn. I find lately we all are eating less chips. Yay!

Spices and herbs.

Salt and pepper, gravy and Tums to keep out if reach of little hands. Vanilla and a small container holding vinegar for small amounts needed in recipes. Baking soda and my recipe box.

Kids cups and plates. A few more years before these go. They are recyclable! Should be good to use past our home though! Small plates and bowls.

Glasses and storage on the left.

More storage and convenient bowls with covers. All get used!

Large plates and coffee mugs. Believe it or not, but I removed a bunch. The top shelf is my least favourite place. More mugs that seem sentimental. Some metal water bottles and plastic bowls for ice cream for kids. This is truly just a junk spot holding onto things that may not get used. Probably needs another go over in the future.

Some areas still need work by the sounds of my descriptions. Its good to make oneself feedback to see the bigger picture.

I just realized I did the top cupboards. I did not do the bottom ones. Another day.

Pantry Cleanout and Organize

My pantry was a complete mess with containers, boxes and cloth bags. Many other items in there that were no longer used or needed.

The top self was loaded up with 2 pots that I have not used for years. I gave them to our niece. 5 water bottles are there from a water park the kids collected over the years with school trips. Those are handy on summer adventures to stay hydrated. We have a small and large riasting pans as well as a large platter.

The middle shelf will hold our canned juice and empty containers for both at home and school. Also pasta and related foods.

Mainly the Bulk Barn items are here. Baking supplies and rice.

Our oils, flour and basically baking decorations. I really want an icing decorating tool. I had one such was partially made of plastic and broke on my first or second use. Could not find a part to replace it. That will need some time to figure out what is best to get. Not plastic, that’s for sure.

My pots hang here and a strainer. Steel bowls. Some plastic ones I bought before going plastic free. Also the family size grill. I love it, but this is my 3rd one in 10 years or less. They seem to not last long. I will not be wanting them again. Too must waste. Frying pan or oven baking will due. Nothing wrong with that! Gravy boat and bread pans along with some spare containers.

A couple more pots, and yes, all of these pots do get used. Frying pans. I keep my potatoes in here too, cool pantry when its not summer!

large stock pot on the floor. Great for boiling corn on the cob. Cant wait to use it for more homemade foods like salsa! It also holds the right amount of water I need for cooking spaghetti. Love It. Aprons hang on the door, but rarely get used. I really don’t mind getting dirty, but they may help me keep my clothes cleaner before laundering is needed. Another habit to form.

Everything in its place.

Kitchen Counterspace

Today I decided to make a change with my counterspace. Its messy, and I found it dis-functional in ways as cluttered. I did not take before pictures. Silly me.

I have had my basket set up with measuring equipment, salt and pepper shakers, olive oil and pot holders. I love it so much! Everything I need in one place close to the stove. My oven mits are tucked behind the basket.

In the corner sit our wood cutting boards. I took away our beat up plastic one and I am reserving it for crafts. This basket holds large cooking utensils. I am looking forward to having them replaced with wooden/metal ones. Begon plastic when they wear out. The knife block sits in the best position here (instead of under the cupboards by the wall) as the cupboards are too low to comfortably/safely remove a knife. Dawn dish soap and bar soap is all I have for cleaning here. If I want to disinfect, I will use vinegar. Dishes are mostly washed and dried by hand. The dishwasher is used on busy days with Finish detergent. A bowl is set to hold coffee pods that are waiting to be cleaned and recycled. Also anything that needs a rinse before getting sorted for disposal.

This is where I set up the coffee and kettle station. Everything is in convenient position and next to the fridge for easy access of coffee cream and milk.

I moved the bread box by the toaster and condiments. Bread knife is located inside and a small wooden cutting board is located next to it. The “Becel” tub holds the peanut butter I get from Bulk Barn. I still buy Kraft peanut butter, as one of our children does not like the other kind. Hoping that will change soon.


The drawer is set up for rags, dish cloths and drying towels.


My husband is going to be so confused! Another change! Big one this time! I think I re-arranged my cupboards about half a dozen times.

I was able to clear out a box worth of cups/mugs that are not in use. That gave me space to better organize the cupboards. Yay!