Water Park With the Boys (2)

Fun day at the park today! First we brought our refundable recyclables to the depo and dropped off a bunch of boxes of items for donation. I did not know the park had the water running this week! I was not prepared for the boys to be wet! But oh well, so be it! I asked Jack, please don’t get soaked! I don’t have spare clothes!! Lol!

We had a blast, and they did not get soaked. We did not stay too long as we needed to go home for lunch, but I was inspired by the fun and we went back, prepared for water this time! But, I took no pictures, though they did not play in the water!!! Oh well! We players, hide and seek and swung on the swings! Nothing like under ducks at the park!

Thomas scoping the park out!
We see water!
Much fun
Jack being cautious at first!
Loving it
Play time
Jack played the most in the water!
Hammock! Lol
Turning it back on! (Timer)

Heritage Park With the Little Boys

Beautiful day today, we could not miss out! I took the boys with the wagon and walked to Heather Moyse Heritage Park. Lots of fun there. Open grass areas, bridges, trails and a path to the nearby High School track. We made it there and we had a blast! Jack ran 3/4 of the track and played with the soccer ball a bit. The boys chased butterfies too! So nice to have such a big open safe place for them to go and burn off energy!

Taking in the view
Here we go!
And they are off!

Bridge time, there are three in this area.

Getting a better view
Jack loves it!

Thomas is very excited!

Off they go
More trails
Heading to the track
Jack leading the way
Jack picked a flowered me!
Jack racing up the hill to the track!
Thomas racing behind Jack up the hill to the track
Thirsty! No single use bottle here!
Soccer time!
Jack stretching his legs, but more interested in butterflies!

We got home and made our first ever snow cones! I’ve put in the blender until crushedsand then some grenadine put on top. Delicious! No more Freezies needed!!

Outdoor Play, June 3.

Enjoying the sun while it was out. Lots of bees flying everywhere. Jack and Thomas sure are quite the pair outside! Playing and sharing! They are going to have a great Summer! Oh yes, me and the boys planted some cucumber seeds.

Resting bee
Thomas acting like a dog
Playing fetch!
Jumping back to me! Lol!!
Boys will be boys!
Love the following!!
King of the castle!
Jack climbing to get the ball
Posing for picture!
Oh my heart!!!
Love love love!!

Some pictures of the garden plants and flowers

Backyard Garden Clean Up

The Weather was beautiful for working outside and the temperature is finally staying above freezing. Time for some garden work! We do not have a bunch of trees in the backyard anymore, strong wind storms took them out over the past few years. No need to buy lawn bags very much anymore. I would love to start my own composting at home, just need to do more research into that. I don’t think the backyard with the kids is a wise thing (not when they are so young; 2 year old), the side yard does not get enough sun to give heat.

Jack, Julia and Thomas were great helpers. Pulling some weeds and clearing small branches to the compost bin for pickup. The yard needs a lot of work. I would love to add more top soil and build the flower beds back up again. But we can only do what we can, I choose to enjoy what we got and go with it. The kids really do have a great space to play in and our backyard is completely fenced in.

Pictures of the backyard and what got done this day.

Before. Walkway is lined with Hostas and Bleeding Heart plants. They are still very small.
After. Not a whole lot different!
Before. The Bee’s love these two bushes!
After. Not much different.
One little Forget Me Not plant growing on the right by the small bush. I love them but they spread like crazy! I may let it stay and spread in that bed.
Before. My small vegetable garden.
After. The area around the trees is cleaned up.
After. This is where I stopped.
Before. Hostas in here and the old tree stump. I miss that tree!
The kids loving playing here walking along the rocks and stump
Bleeding Heart
They are everywhere, I love them!
Lots of ferns too.
I love ferns and bleeding hearts together. Beautiful colours!
These Hostas are growing Nicly!
Little flowers!
Some of the plastic garbage I found in the gardens. Freezer wrappers mostly. Got to do better this summer with those!

Pictures of the front yard, did not clean this yet.


Some work here.
So messy. . .

Alaina’s First Communion

May 19th, Alaina’s First Communion.

Alaina my beautiful daughter
Lovely as the break of dawn
A girl full of joy
In my heart you stay
New journey’s are ahead
Always, I will stand by your side

A new dress for this girl, bought by Alaina’s Meme, Teresa. It will proudly be passed on to Julia for her First Communion in 2 years time. A funny story about this dress. Alaina had two to pick from. One was super fancy with lots of lace, gems and sparkles. The second was plain with bows on the shoulder and a simple one on the hip. She first tried on the fancy one, it sure was a looker. After she tried the second dress, her mind was made up. She loved the simplicity of the second dress and thought the other one was too fancy. What a girl! She made me proud!!!

Father George
Alaina’s teacher, Sister Marion

Alaina’s Catechism class was a total of 36 students. All receiving their First Communion! Half the Church pews where reserved for these children and their families. What a gathering! Alaina was second out of 6 to read one of the Prayers of the Faithful. What a wonderful job she did, speaking loud and clear. For weeks they have been practicing their prayers, songs and receiving Communion.

Alaina is standing top, first on the right
Alaina Top, third to the right

She received her certificate, a rosary and a special bookmark from the Church. There was a lovely reception to follow and so many pictures. Back home we had lunch and treats with family.

A piece of cake!

I did not get very many photos, I may get some more from family. I will post the best ones I have got, but my camera is not very clear. I was able to talk to the Catechism coordinator about the Church receiving donated children’s dresses/suits for these such events. It would greatly help families who can not spend money on a new dress or have to take the time to go find the right one. If the Church already had a display that could be loaned out, that would be so helpful. As I say, Reuse!!!

It was not three hours when the coordinator posted to the current class about donating dresses/suits to the church for future children at the Church. I was so happy to see that and I hope it grows!

Our walk to Church

Daniel’s Sea Bed School Project

Daniel had his first make at home school project. Grade 4 and he had to choose a habitat to write about. He also had to created the habitat. Daniel chose the Sea bed.

So we got to the beach and collected some sand (which we will return) as well as a few shells and seaweed (coral). On our walk we found some trash (fishing rope and plastic bag particle). I mentioned the idea that he could talk about the problem of plastic in the ocean and with little talk, he was on board! He knows about the issues and understands what we are doing at home.

I found a clear container for him to use to set up his display. He wanted there to be at least a window so the shorter students could peer into the box and see the display, but the clear container set the bar higher! I found a blue folder which was cut to size to fit on 3 sides of the container as water. He poured in the sand and added some ocean life, shells, rocks, seaweed (coral). Then the plastic was added. As well as some tape to help hold his props in place.

At school he did a big write up on a slide show about his habitat. I wish I could see what he wrote, but since it is on a slide show, there is nothing to bring home. At least he is learning and teaching himself and others though. He sure did a great job, and he was super happy with his project, you can tell by the smile on his face!

Oh Thomas My Boy!

This day, 3 big kids are at school. Jack is at grammies and grandads for a few days and Thomas has the run of the house. He can play with toys he rarely gets a hold of! No one to share to, no one to take his toys and no one for him to take from either. Peaceful, lol.

I started to clean up the floor in the kitchen and dining room. Chairs on the table and all paper and toys up as well. Long over due clean up.  I go to unlock the broom closet, and I can not fit the key in. I look and a stylus from a DS is in the key hole. I am having a hard time getting it out!! Lol!!! I can’t sweep or vacuum. Tweezers can not grip. I’m trying to use the stick of a paintbrush and tweezers, and no luck so far. 😂

Oh my dear Thomas boy! Xoxo

Oh, I got it! About 10 minutes of trying!! Yay!!! The end of the stylus is a bit more damaged from the tweezers, lol.

Broken Slide Fixed

Our backyard slide and swing set is about 8 years old. We have had it adjusted to hold more swings thanks to Chris’ dad, David. It used to hold 2 swings, now four. I think we may need to add one more with 5 kids who still love to swing! This Spring, Thomas is out of the baby swing! Full on big kid swings for everybody!! Yay! Another baby stage gone. 

So the other day, Julia decided to lift the slide off the ground, causing the screw places to completely let go. The slide was detached. The kids were not happy. With so many broken toys lately, I was determined to make sure it got fixed.

The screws were old and rusted making it hard to remove them. The screw was becoming stripped. I remember a trick I seen a while ago and decided to put it into action. A thick rubber band placed across the top of the screw and then I used the screw driver to gently turn and take the screws out. It was a slow process and the band got a bit holy. The screw did not get stripped too much because of the band. Yay!

I placed the slide back into position and put the screws back in place. I used the rubber band again. I probably could have used new screws, but I did not think about that at the time.

Kids are happy and so am I!

Alaina’s 8th Birthday and Party

Alaina has turned 8 years old!! Amazing how time flies!

Our day was pretty quiet. No school and dad was home from work as it was Good Friday. I must say, part of her present was a major help tidying her bedroom. Its been needing a pickup for a long while. We found some surprising items that got lost and misplaced such as gifts from Christmas. Chris spent most of the day with Alaina, such a great help! Xx

For her Birthday she wanted homemade cupcakes and the new whipped icing, this time flavoured with cocoa. She was unsure about what she wanted for her Birthday. Summertime PJ’s were mentioned (purple and gold colour) as well as a bike. She has outgrown hers and has been using Daniels’ bike last year.

We kept it simple, as it should be. She got the bike and a new hat. I could not find Pj’s that were not covered in sparkles or plastic disks. So sad! There were some summer pj tops but thick polyester shorts. Really! Ridiculously crazy!  Choices are hard, and when they are, I refuse! I will shop else where or online if I have to. She and Daniel also got an upgrade on their computers to there are no more glitches when they play online together. Perfect add on to the day!

As for the party, we had another Fiver party. She invited 15 classmates of which 7 came. We decided to stick around home and rent a movie. Much cheaper and more selection than the movie theatre. We rented The Song of the Sea.

First off, the girls and boys wanted to do their own thing. I set up Minecraft for 2 players. Set on normal difficulty and survival mode with monsters (mob). Two kids would play day and night only until morning or get defeated by a mob then give their turn to another player. Great fun the boys had! The girls did what girls do, chat! Lol.

We had snacks provided such as fruit and cheese and crackers. Alaina wanted a cake for the party, so I made a bundt cake with my homemade whipped icing. I cut the cake in half and put a layer of icing in there too. Great idea! Alaina wanted vanilla icing and chocolate icing if I could add that. 

I am still experimenting with my icing bag I got for Christmas. Maybe I need to look for tutorials! Lol!! Though, I think cupcakes are a must for parties. Too much cake goes un-eaten. I felt sad about scraping some off dish after dish. Believe me, the cake tasted awesome, I find kids are not a big fan of cake these days.

We used our own dishes and I must say, with 14 of us, we used all of our plates! Just enough too! During the movie, I made a huge bowl of popcorn, could have made more, and divided it up into 12 bowls, that was tricky!! Everyone got a chocolate egg to go with it and water to drink. I had to wash cups as they were used for cake time, but really, it only took a couple minutes while the popcorn was popping. No time wasted.

When the movie ended, the party came to a close and the kids were given a treat of Fun Dip as a thank you for coming to the party. Just a paper package. Simple, yet the kids were so happy to receive it! Jaws drop and eyes widen, every one of them! So much Better than a bag full of breakable, use once toys from the party aisle you find at the stores. 

All the gifts came plastic waste free, just $5.00 so Alaina can put that money towards something she really wants. A Great way for her to learn money management.

Happy Birthday Alaina!