Cleaning up the Side Garden

Little by little, the flower garden is being tended too. I sure am not up to par with keeping them tended. But that is fine with me, I got busy enough days anyways. All we can do is the best we can.

Section by section, slowly, the work is getting done.

Before (May). It was much worse than this come July when the tending happened! No Picture of that.
Before (May) Front of the house, left side.
After, all cleaned up. July.
Front of the house, left side.
5 Tomato plants are growing. Some flowers are starting!

Outdoor Play, June 3.

Enjoying the sun while it was out. Lots of bees flying everywhere. Jack and Thomas sure are quite the pair outside! Playing and sharing! They are going to have a great Summer! Oh yes, me and the boys planted some cucumber seeds.

Resting bee
Thomas acting like a dog
Playing fetch!
Jumping back to me! Lol!!
Boys will be boys!
Love the following!!
King of the castle!
Jack climbing to get the ball
Posing for picture!
Oh my heart!!!
Love love love!!

Some pictures of the garden plants and flowers

Trans Planted Some Maple Trees

Our backyard is a very sunny spot. Absolutely no shade from the Summer sun. We used to have a huge tree that would block the sun and the whole backyard was shady and cool, up until about 2 years ago.

I was cleaning up the flower beds and as always, I found some young maple trees growing. I decided that they should get planted where someday, shade would be provided.  I chose 3 as I did not want to plant too many close together. I thought this is much cheaper than buying trees, and I know it will take years for them to be helpful. Better to start now than later (Should have started one or two years ago, really).

I am worried the young kids will pull them out or walk on them. They are small, 6-8 inches tall. I tied some jute around Popsicle sticks and stuck those in the ground around the trees. By one of the fences, the neighbors peble/rocks are pouring between the planks. The kids are always into those. I took some and made a circle around the trees I planted, just to give more of a visual.

I asked the kids to be careful and treat the tiny trees like babies. Babies in our backyard who someday will provide shade. I hope it works!

Backyard Garden Clean Up

The Weather was beautiful for working outside and the temperature is finally staying above freezing. Time for some garden work! We do not have a bunch of trees in the backyard anymore, strong wind storms took them out over the past few years. No need to buy lawn bags very much anymore. I would love to start my own composting at home, just need to do more research into that. I don’t think the backyard with the kids is a wise thing (not when they are so young; 2 year old), the side yard does not get enough sun to give heat.

Jack, Julia and Thomas were great helpers. Pulling some weeds and clearing small branches to the compost bin for pickup. The yard needs a lot of work. I would love to add more top soil and build the flower beds back up again. But we can only do what we can, I choose to enjoy what we got and go with it. The kids really do have a great space to play in and our backyard is completely fenced in.

Pictures of the backyard and what got done this day.

Before. Walkway is lined with Hostas and Bleeding Heart plants. They are still very small.
After. Not a whole lot different!
Before. The Bee’s love these two bushes!
After. Not much different.
One little Forget Me Not plant growing on the right by the small bush. I love them but they spread like crazy! I may let it stay and spread in that bed.
Before. My small vegetable garden.
After. The area around the trees is cleaned up.
After. This is where I stopped.
Before. Hostas in here and the old tree stump. I miss that tree!
The kids loving playing here walking along the rocks and stump
Bleeding Heart
They are everywhere, I love them!
Lots of ferns too.
I love ferns and bleeding hearts together. Beautiful colours!
These Hostas are growing Nicly!
Little flowers!
Some of the plastic garbage I found in the gardens. Freezer wrappers mostly. Got to do better this summer with those!

Pictures of the front yard, did not clean this yet.


Some work here.
So messy. . .