About Me

My name is Rachel Willcock

I was born on Prince Edward Island, Canada in 1986, my maiden name is MacTaggart.

Growing up I was always fond of nature. Most of my time was outdoors exploring and when I was not outdoors I was into books about animals and hanging pictures of them all over my walls. A little bit of drawing in there too. Some of my later childhood was spending about 3 years with my family living with the grandparents, whom had horses. I loved helping load the truck and hay loft with hay and straw bales. Cleaning the stables, feeding, grooming, riding and partaking in some horse shows.

Growing up I wanted to become a biologist, and go study the Komodo Dragons in Indonesia. One of my childhood goals was to learn about all the animals in the world. But, as life happened, none of those dreams came to be. Life got too busy and distracting as I was pulled away from what I truly loved.

Some years later, I married my love, Christopher in 2008 and we bought our first house in 2010. Our family has 5 beautiful healthy children, Daniel (2009), Alaina (2011), Julia (2013), John, aka Jack (2014) and Thomas (2016). A cat named Sparta, many guppy fish and a large algae eater (plecostomus). These years are flying!

I am a quiet person, quite shy to be honest, but little by little I am opening up. I also try to be as efficient as possible. When I decide to take on a challenge, I grasp on with both hands. I like change, everyone needs change! Change makes us stronger and we grow as an individual. I get board with the same thing quite quickly, which is why I like a challenge too!

In July of 2018, a challenge I jumped on board was to reduce the amount of waste our family created. The whole family got on board, with some difficulties on certain products, but we are here together doing our best. I created a page to record our family changes for about 18 months. You can find it here, Managing Our Waste at Home. Since then, we have continued as usual with the waste reduction. I try to be active on other pages via Facebook in helping others transition or answer questions. I created a couple pages, @managingourwasteathome, sharing what we are doing on the home front personally. Another one I created is for my Province, Prince Edward Island, called PEI Low Impact Living, sharing island news, stories, local products and businesses etc . . .

I took a shift and cut out meat, dairy, eggs and fish from my diet at the end of November of 2019. Oil, sugar and salt have also been drastically reduced. I follow the Whole Food Plant Based Diet, for the environment, my health and the animals.  The environment was my first major concern. Switching my diet has opened my eyes to new recipes that I can make from scratch and allows me to continue eating on a low waste impact too.  Today I feel like what I was missing after my childhood years, concerning nature, is all coming back to me. I am able to do my part to save and help where I can.

Gardening is another hobby I love doing. I have not been able to garden for the last few years due to young children and me not able to keep them out of the garden making a mess of the seeds and plants. There is a right time for that, which will be this coming 2020 season. My dream, which I think is achievable, is to have growing fruit bushes around the house instead of the usual inedible shrubs. We have one blueberry bush and one mulberry tree in the backyard. I would love to expand them!

Adventures with the family is high on my list of things I love too! There is nothing better than family time. Exploring the surroundings, finding new things to do and just doing things I did when I was a kid! I love warm months but not so much the cold! I would hibernate if I could, though I like shoveling the snow!

Now you know a little about me!