About Me

My name is Rachel Willcock

I was born on Prince Edward Island, Canada in 1986. I married my love, Christopher in 2008 and we bought our first house in 2010. Our family has 5 beautiful healthy children, Daniel (2009), Alaina (2011), Julia (2013), John, aka Jack (2014) and Thomas (2016). A cat named Sparta, too many guppy fish and a large algae eater (plecostomus).

I am always changing or reorganizing my surroundings, including this site! I like to be as efficient as I can and re-doing things until they are perfect for myself. Then they usually need to be tweaked for everyone else! I am a slow learner, but once I got a good grasp I won’t let go.

I am new at making my own blog/website. I have Facebook and Twitter.  Twitter for me is just for news and Facebook to keep up with family and share our news/adventures. My plan here, on IndieWeb (for now), is to write about my family, adventures and homemaking and adding photos. I will grow with this new experience!

I have been on a journey since July 2018, concerning waste. Plastic waste mainly. I started a page documenting all the changes I have made in our home. It is called Managing Our Waste At Home.

I enjoy gardening! I hope to one day have a large yard so I can plant a big garden! I also like to crochet. I made many blankets in this house for everybody.

My day is full of juggling our children, housework, home meals and baking, and some adventure time with the kiddos. Evening times are for relaxing and spending time with my husband. With a busy household it can be hard to get quiet time during the day.