Grocery Run This Week!

Sobeys trip

A bit smaller than usual, but also more veggies and leafy greens! Can you believe that my oldest two kids wanted Caesar salad for bedtime snacks! They ask for it all day! Salad is definitely not my strong point. More research needed for more recipes! I only ever make caesar! Sweet potatoes galore and yes, in the front is a huge one! I bet it will make great sweet potato fries!

Summerside Farmers Market trip!

  • I have been waiting 2 weeks to get my hands on some local frozen berries! The vendor who sells berries during harvest time also sells them frozen too. Perfect if someone like me, did not freeze any for myself. The only drawback is that the frozen berries come in ziplock bags, but on the other hand, they can be reused for other things. Plus, the vendor will take back the washed bags and reuse them! Can’t wait to make some yummy creations! Lueberries, strawberries and raspberries. They also have black berries and cranberries frozen. I also bought PEI maple syrup. I ran out three days ago and have been needing some, but I was patient to wait and support the local business!
  • Apples for munching and bigger apples to make apple sauce. Many recipes I come across ask for apple sauce. I will not be buying plastic tubs of that. Make my own and control what goes in it too.
  • Carrots
  • Corn shoots
  • Onions, Garlic and artichoke. I will be buying organic chia seeds by 5 lb paper bags in the future!
  • Eggs and 1/2 pound bacon.
  • Got some hand and body cream in my own container. Environmental friendly ingredients.¬† I just brought the lady my own jar and she filled it for me, bringing it back the following weekend. I dont have the ingredients with me at the moment.

East Isle Farms
Brady’s Farm
Crystal Green Farms
Our Old Island Market Farm
Emmerdale Eden Farm
Pleasant Pork
One Stop Healing

Bulk Barn trip.

  • Candies and chocolate, got to say we love them. I myself though, rarely have any anymore. As tempting as they are, if I pick one up, I put it back! Looking to cut out the sugar overload!
  • Pretzels.
  • Peanuts and walnuts.
  • Ground flax seeds and whole hemp seeds.
  • Cocoa, peanut powder, whole wheat flour and chia seeds.
  • Raisins, currants and citrus peel for future plum pudding. Family traditional Christmas treat!
  • White rice.


  • Croissants and bagels in paper bag I had on hand, ran out of produce bags I usually use.
  • Nature clean dishwasher powder in a box.
  • Whole grain spaghetti pasta for me. When I make spaghetti for the family, I will just skip out on the meat and add more veggies! I dont care for the vegetable protein stuff.
  • Ragu sauce in a jar to reuse.

Deli meat for sandwiches for school. Daniel and Alaina want salad for school! I fill a container (soup thermos) with lettuce. Another container with dressing. They scoop the dressing on the lettuce, seal the container, shake and enjoy. They loved it last week!

The Summerside Butcher Shop 

Whole chicken and Hamburg wrapped in butcher paper, compostable here on PEI. The butcher shop has not been getting chicken breasts in bulk the last few weeks, so tray it is.

No Weekends Missed at the Market

Another farmer’s market trip on the weekend!

Kale, apples, rainbow carrots, raspberry jam, garlic, 1/2 lb. Bacon (buying less as I dont eat it and the kids themselves not been wanting any lately), micro greens, bean sprouts and corn shoots. The corn shoots are delicious!! Tgey have a sweet taste to them! The containers can be brought back for reuse and I can bring my own container which the lady will fill up at home and bring back to me the following week! I’m so happy with the options! I also bought some wheat grass. It is great for smoothies and great for cats to aid digestion and cope with hairballs. Sparta likes to eat our Christmas decorations and has hairballs now and then, but also gets sick once in a whike. I am hoping the wheat grass will help sooth her.

Since I started going to the farmer’s market well over a year ago, I have not missed one weekend! Dedication to support local, eat local and strive to zero waste!