Make Smart Choices

Often times while shopping, we are presented with products packaged with plastic. Single use plastic most times. Whether its recyclable or not, any plastic is not a good choice. We buy in plastic, another one comes to take its place. Our dollars vote for what we want available, right!

Scan the whole shelf. Look for options of the same product in a diffeent package. Plastic container vs jar, can or a box. We must demand for better packaging not just with our voice or social media, but with our daily actions as well. Often times one must switch brands or even stores!

My featured picture is of construction paper. At Walmart there were two choices: paper sold loose without packaging or a bigger bundle wrapped in plastic. This choice is easy to make. Another example is laundry soap. Choose powders over liquid. Look for refillable options, such as Down East Cleaning Products. If you can not find plastic free options, choose bulk options if available. As a last resort, I choose recyclable options over non recyclable options, at least there is a chance the packaging can stay out of landfill.

Refuse. Reduce. Reuse. Repair. Rot. Recycle.

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