August Blue Bag of Recyclables

We are super lucky on PEI to have a great recycling program. Though, I am not sure exactly what really gets “recycled”. I believe the more we can cut out the better!

Avoiding packed in plastic products is a great move! Look for compostable alternatives. Bulk Barn or other zero waste stores. Refill stations are truly beneficial! The only refill type product I buy is from the Farmer’ Market for laundry soap and a cleaner. $1.00 refund for bringing back the empty container so it can get reused. The next closest refill for dish soap is in Charlottetown, an hour drive away, by which I rarely travel to. (Need to work on that, as my dish soap is running low!) If need be, buy items in bulk amounts and in a recyclable container for your area. Maybe a container you can reuse for the garage or garden etc . . .

We have cut out much in our recycling bag! It used to be 2.5-3 bags a month of recyclables from this household!! Here are some earlier posts showing what was in them.

November 2, 2018. Two blue bags that month, started our journey in July of that year. Remember, the pics in this link shows only 1 blue bag worth out of 2! It’s a lot!

February 19, 2019.

May 20, 2019.

Here is this months check up on our blue bag.
Milk cartons, Cat food cans and lids, sunscreen bottle, coffee cream containers, Draino (clogged bathtub), few soup cans and other few items. 
Full bag. Since this picture, 3 cans and a milk carton added. Picture taken Aug 12.

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