Fruit Fly Trap

Fruit fly season is heavily upon us. My remedy is warm water, sugar and yeast in small amounts in a glass. A piece of scrap plastic punched with holes held to the mouth of the glass with an elastic band. I noticed while Making bread, fruit flies love the yeast smell!

Lately I have found that the flies are always around the compost bin. Why would they not!? I got an idea the other morning as I opened the compost bin first thing and about 20 fruit flies flew out. Use the compost as a trap! No need for extra dishes trying to catch them!

All I do is leave the bin slightly open overnight. As we sleep the flies enter. First thing I do in the morning when I come to the kitchen is snap the compost lid closed, trapping the fruit flies. I take the bin right outside and empty it in my compost cart.

I have forgotten my plan once, and let the flies loose in the house. Oops!! I made myself a note, and for the kids to remember the plan.

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