Shampoo Bar Users

Chris has finally finished off the commercial shampoo and conditioner soaps!! It has been almost a year since I stopped using them, Chris said he would continue using them until they ran out. He has used the shampoo bar a couple times now, and he seems to like it. Nice lather to it for him!

Shampoo Bar

Daniel, Alaina, Julia and Jack also use the shampoo bar. They made the switch a couple months after I did. Thomas still uses the Loreal Kids Tear Free shampoo. He has not learned to keep his head up while I rinse the soap off his hair, and the shampoo bar soap really stings the eyes. Since I already had the tear free shampoo, I thought it be best it gets used, but by the right individuals, which is Thomas. In the last couple of weeks, Thomas has made great progress while I rinse his hair. The shampoo bottle is almost empty and by the time it is, Thomas will be ready for the shampoo bar. By switching everyone away from that bottle, it gave Thomas enough time to adjust to rinsing his hair properly without soap in his eyes and the product did not get wasted.My trick for Thomas that I have learned was to ask him where are the stars, or the moon or the plane. He would look up at the hanging basket of toys pointing and talking about where they are. I would continue asking where they are as I can not see them. He has learned what I am doing, and keeps his chin up so the water rinses nicely down his back. I used to just say look at the stars and point to the ceiling. That only worked for a short time period, my new way is awesome! So by making talk about the subject, I got more progress.

I will save the bottles as they seem like a good fit to something non food wise. Someday, I will find a bulk something and these will be perfect for reusing. The labels peeled off very nicely showing off a red and white bottle.

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  1. I am older and have begun to have a lot of reactions to a variety of chemicals and scents…. on some of these products, would you mind also sharing a picture of the ingredient list. Thank you

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