Fooled by a Box

One of the food items I have cut out from the kids are the Goldfish Crackers. We used to go through 2 bags a week. Looking at it nutritionally, I know there is not much in them to offer. I have thought about making our own, but I find the days are busy enough. Maybe in the future. I do have a recipe saved somewhere!

While shopping a couple weeks ago at Superstore, a young mother behind me at the cash put up a box of fishy crackers. I seen it and immediately thought, no plastic bag! The kids ask once in a while for fishy crackers and I always refuse. I thought I would go and pick up one of those boxes (family size). I got home and showed the kids what I bought, and they were so excited and so was I!! I opened the box and . . . it was lined with plastic inside. I was felt so sad. The kids got what they have been asking for but the environment suffers for it. I got fooled. The disappointment over whelming.

tip: shake the box and listen for a rustling sound. If you don’t hear a rustle, should be plastic free!

Sometimes we get tricked though, like this box of fishy crackers. I hope I can deter someone away from buying this box to see if it is actually plastic free.

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