Take Care of the Toaster

Last night, Chris and Daniel were baking a snack. While waiting for the oven to pre heat, they discovered our toaster had slide out trays, a crumb catcher! They asked if I knew about them by which I responded yes, but I don’t empty it often. Often, I forget it is there (but know its there, if you know what I mean). Not a habit to check it periodically, Maybe once a year!! Eek!

Some back story
We have been having trouble with the toaster for quite some time. The toast diosn’t always toast the way we expect it too. Most times it’s toasted on one side and not much on the other. Doesn’t matter which slot we use. Also, when the toaster was recently used, one should put their slice of bread in a different slot, other wise the toast would come out nearly burnt! As for toasting bagels, we had to set it at #4. We always toast at 3, as of late, we had to go to #2.5 on the dial.

I told Chris, after he emptied the tray and told me the toaster needs a good clean out, I would look at it the next day. This was past 11:00 pm, wasn’t doing it then!

This morning I took hold of the toaster and found a huge crumbly mess underneath! No way the boys dumped the trays there! The toaster was filling up with crumbs, offsetting the heat, causing our poorly toasted food!

Talk about crumb overflow!

Not only was the mess on the counter under the toaster, but crumbs were stuck in the toaster too at the bottom. Lucky there was no fire in my opinion! I did my best to shake the crumbs out. I tried  too reach the bottom with a paintbrush, different sizes. Not much luck. I tried air pressure by blowing through a straw, but it did not work so well. I think in time, with the toaster in use, it will help dry out those crumbs and they should fall out easily. Just need to remember to clean it more often, weekly and stay on top of it!

I thought our toaster, which is about 9-10 years old, was slowly crashing. I figured we needed a new one, but I didn’t want to get a new one. Surly they must last longer than 9 years! Glad we do not need a new one!

Shake and rattle!

While I had it out, I decided to give it a shine as well. I took some baking soda and water, made a paste, and the dark parts on top of the toaster came right off! The real dark patches were much harder to remove. By the end of cleaning the top, I came to realize and reassure myself to not look for perfection! I would be there all day trying to make it spick and span like new, my original idea. No need, really!

Baking soda paste, rag, tooth brush and paintbrush. Great tools for cleaning, scrubbing and reaching hard to reach places!

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