Another Successful Shopping Trip

The Farmer’s Market sure is starting to burst with new products. Lots of new fruit and veggies to be had! I requested the night before the market to a farmer if he could bring in two English Cucumbers not wrapped in plastic. I did this 2 weeks ago with another farmer, and the cucumber stayed fresh until it was eaten, about 5 days. (English Cucumbers are wrapped because of their thin skins. Moisture lost is a problem to keeping great quality cucumbers). The Laundry Soap container is returnable with a small refund discount and it gets reused! I ask for the leafy greens to be emptied from the bags they are in, into my dish I bring in. The farmer will reuse the bag.

My tin can is working great for picking up casseroles from Superstore. A couple weeks ago I was asked not to bring in glass containers in case it falls and smashes, leaving broken glass all over the products. That would be terrible, and I completely understand the reasoning. In the deli department, my dish is not handled very much so there has been no concern about breakage there.

Bulk Barn trips are going very nicely! My cloth bags do the job, pre-tared and permanently marked with the tare weight. No having to re weigh the bag every trip! I highly recommend powdered products and coffee to be purchased in containers, not cloth bags. Very messy and the coffee will make the other food taste like coffee. That happened to us one time, I will say I learned my lesson.

Normally, my routine is to call the Butcher Shop the morning of my shopping trip. Asking for my order to be wrapped in paper. The last few times, I have not been able to get a hold of anyone in the mornings to place my order (They are very busy). So this time, I called the day before with my order. I will say it was a little less stressful and easier to not have that task the morning before shopping. Saturday mornings are very busy, preparing for the purchases we need for the week as well as needed housework and kid stuff before I leave.Shopping zero waste requires planning, structure and discipline.

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