July 11, Berries and Park With the Kids

Quick stop at Compton’s Berry patch for some delicious berries (brought my own bowl to dump the berries into from the cartons! Package free).

Checking out the new addition to the park. Lots of fun climbing and then playing in the water.

Lastly but best, Daniel and Alaina are finally home from their week long visit with Meme and Pepe! The kids were so excited to be together again!!

two cartons worth, cartons will be reused by the farmer’s.
Notre Dame Street Park
Thomas Climbing.
No fear!
Swinging of course!
Hello! Too bright out to take off the sun glasses!
Jack goes as high as he can!
Thomas likes to swing too! So happy he does not need the baby type swing anymore!
They grow up so fast
Julia checking out her skills at balancing!
Thomas too!
Julia loves this!
Jack going to walk the bars
no fear
still going
almost there. I am pretty sure he walked these last year
Julia monkeying around!
Thomas on the big slide
Down he goes
Jack climbing the rock wall. (plastic wall, lol)
Jack climbing more. This time he is not so fearless, especially with Thomas ticking Jacks’ feet! LOL
Way to go Thomas!
Julia showing off
playing in the sand
Water fountain got turned on while we were here. So much fun!


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