Repurposed Clothing

I got to meet a lady I have had talks with online today. It was so nice to meet her! Heather is retired and repurposes clothing into bags. Her business/volunteer/donating is called Bits and Pieces. One can find her bags at local shops. I have personally seen them at Bulk Barn.

Heather donated to me some bags, an Owl one I admired. In return I gave her a couple loaves of my freshly made homemade bread and a jar of fresh homemade yogurt.

I am humbled and can not wait to put them to good use!

Love this one!
This bag is cute. Velcro fastening and the flower pattern on the handle Continues inside the bag.
This Jean bag is wonderful!
Cute stitch there.
These are at my local Bulk BarnĀ 
Also at my local Bulk Barn .

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