Fishtank Cleanup

Today I cleaned up our fish tank. It contains guppies and a plecostomus. Last time I counted (yes I counted one by one) about 3 months ago there were 165 guppies! I can only imagine there are more! Since then 4 found a new home, a few have died. There are so many babies in there!

Almost 10 years ago, we started with 4. A couple years after that we probably bought another 4.  Amazing!

The plecostomus is about 5 or 6 years old. It must be about 7 inches long.

Anyways, since we are on this plastic free movement, I thought it would be fitting if the tank was also plastic free. I removed the plastic plants. Left the rocks, they are natural. I would love to get some real plants in there. That time will come when suitable. Moss balls are sold at a local pet food store, need to research into them more! They are water filters, so I’m thinking maybe I don’t need the filter cartridges, which are a great waste.

Before (May)
After (July)


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