Cleaning Soap

Time to knock out some plastic containers! (Use less of the contents anyways, vinegar). I bought this amazing product at the Farmer’s Market this morning. It’s a great cleaner and contains essential oils to “combat germs, viruses and bacteria.”. No Chemicals, dyes or phosphates. I’m told it works for everything but needs to be diluted as it is very concentrated! Counters, bathroom, dishes, laundry, floors and even carpets!

I already started to test it around the around the house:
Countertops and cupboards. √
Mirrors and windows √
Dishes √

I am so impressed how well it cleans mirrors!! Our bedroom dresser mirror has always had a film on it. Full of streaks and glare. Even vinegar did not clean it (or windex when I used that stuff).

This jug, at the time, is $14.00. The empty container can be returned with a $1.00 discount (cap returned too) and it will get reused, not recycled or trashed!

The water becomes cloudy once the solution is added. It does not bubble up like regular dish soap. The bubbles are just an added feature.

I will post more about this experience in the future!

The Farmer’s Wife 

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