Bugger Off Bar Soap

New bar soap I am trying out, for outdoors. Its called Bugger Off!
Locally made by The Farmer’s Wife, here at the Summerside Farmer’s Market. $6.00. Repels insects like mosquitoes and black flies.

I tried it out this afternoon. First I went outside with no repellent. Swarmed by mosquitoes within 5 minutes. I went back in and soaked a washcloth with this soap. Rubbed my arms, shoulder, chest, neck and legs. Rinsed and dried. Back outside I went for 20 minutes, only 2 mosquitoes landed on me. Awesome!!!

I did the same wash with Thomas, Jack and Julia. But they did not stay out long enough for the test. We will see how it goes during the week! Poor Thomas gets lots of bites usually on the head and arms! Julia on the legs.

I will get the ingredients later!

The Farmer’s Wife¬†

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