Thomas’ Day

The 4 older kids are at their grandparents for a couple of nights. That leaves me and Chris with just Thomas.

Today, Chris is in Charlottetown for work and I took Thomas on a big adventure.

Confederation trail by Kent. Here we start!
Got himself a flower. Got tickeled by it too!
Trash I picked up along the trail. Lots of Tim Horton’s.
On the boardwalk
Lots if fun and new sights!
Yup, I brought bubbles!
Trivia question on the boardwalk
Taking his time exploring
Big blow to get these in the air!
Big red bridge!!
Love it!
Still going
Found this spot for a rest behind the Summerside Marina
My new favourite spot!!
Snack time!
Waste free!
In love with this table!
Plane in the sky!
A dish to carry our scraps
Love these
Off we go for more adventure!
Next stop, ice cream treat! Spinnaker’s Landing
Using my own container instead of Styrofoam dish!
This is amazing! My own dish and spoon, sharing with Thomas.
Lets dig in!
All gone, a cover to keep the mess away.
More boardwalk fun before lunch
These roses smell so good!!!
He loves it here! No fear!
Cautious of the water, but curious!
Checking out his suroundings
Not wanting to go in the water!
Testing with stick smacking!
Finally, he goes in!! When its time to go, he is up to his knees and does not want to leave! I had to slowly walk to him to get him cause he wanted to run away from me in the water. Didn’t want him to fall in, panic city! Lol.
The only trash on the beach I could find.
His bottom half was soaked, cloth diaper home!

The water felt so good! I want to go back!! Build up energy! Cant wait to get the kids here! Hahaha!!

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