Brought Our Own Dish For Ice Cream

Me and Thomas went for an adventure in Downtown Summerside. We walked the boardwalk and headed for Spinnaker’s Landing. In my backpack, a carry a bowl, mug, cup and utensils. Along with my water bottle and reusable bags. First aid supplies and snacks.

Supply backpack!

I wanted to see if a local shop on the Landing would allow me go use my own dish for ice cream. Sure enough, it was not a problem at all! The lady was very happy to fill my dish! She filled my bowl, as a regular one scoop fill for $2.80. Me and Thomas shared it, delicious!

So much better than plastic and Styrofoam! Imagine how much cleaner our city could be without them!
Let’s dig in!!
Dish comes with a cover to conceal any mess until I’m home to wash it!

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