Out With the Crew

We got out to Harvard Street Park, and had a blast! Kids are getting older, easier to manage! I brought a couple soccer balls. At one point all the kids were  swinging and asking for underducks! Even Thomas! He got mini ones!! Alaina was a great help with Thomas and Daniel and Jack hung out together the whole time!! The boys are bonding!! (Jack has always been all over the place while Daniel just wanted to play with him). Daniel was super happy! They even held hands on the walk to and from the park!

I picked up some garbage (caught a flying plastic bag to put it in, how convenient) and took my trusty water bottle with me, which the kids emptied before we left!

After we got home, I made homemade snow cones (chipped ice in the blender and added grenadine on top) and played in the backyard a bit more. Came inside and everybody went their separate ways. 3 of the 5 kids fell asleep!! Lol!


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