Great Day Shopping Plastic Free!

Shopping at Superstore, using my own containers.

Bagels in cloth bag. Deli meat and quinoa casseroles in my own dishes.
First time getting this product in my own container! Super easy with the staff at Superstore!

The Summerside Butcher Shop, compostable butcher paper.

Call in the morning (or the night before) to place your order, “wrapped in paper”.
I reuse a cake tray turned upside down as a container for the chicken. Reuse.

Bulk Barn trip, lots of goodies and lots of jars!

Picked up another box of these containers. They are awesome and on a great deal!

Set of 12 glass containers with covers.
Plastic free packaging is a huge bonus!

These bags being sold at Bulk Barn are locally made from repurposed material. I am loving them!!!

“Inspire someone today”

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