Garbage Day

June 19th was waste cart day. It took 8 weeks for our family to fill it up. Some of the trash in there also came from litter pick ups me and the two younger boys picked up on walks. Probably could have gone to 10 weeks without the extra, but that is okay as we got to clean up the streets a bit.

Today is also recycling day. Some boxes, and two bags of recyclables.  Normally, we have been putting out one bag of recyclables. As you can see in the picture, one blue bag is bigger than the other. The bigger one is what we normally use, it is an xlg bag that fit our bin in the house. The store stopped selling that size and I have downsized to the smaller bag, fitting less into it. You will notice that the larger bag is full of large containers. Those are vinegar, Oxygen Bleach and Down East dish soap containers. I have been saving them for a future use, but I have saved too many.

There comes a point when one does not want to discard things for the sake of discarding and then one starts to hold onto those items, like hoarding. I started to do that and I came to realize that. I do not believe I will find a use for them, not interested in storing food in them and there are no options in our location to refill them with other cleaning products. I chose to be held accountable for this waste I had created.

I am waiting for a refill store to pop up in Summerside. It would be really helpful in reducing this kind of waste.

With the smaller blue bags, one can expect a possible 2 bag curb placement in the coming months.

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