Family Based Routine and Scheduled Social Media

June 23, 2019

I have found myself doing too much at home during the day. Between being with the kids, regular chores, blogging and social media I felt I was not in a good place for myself and my family.

In was inspired by a video as to help me determine when to put my interests in place. Kerwin Rea suggests that 7 pm- 1 am, side hustle. This speaks more to those in the workforce and trying to do their own business at the same time. I came to realize that I could possibly put this in place at home too, time adjusted a little to best suit our needs.

So basically, every item underlined is something I am going to tackle everyday. Think of them as Spring Cleaning.

I have been using too much social media time on what should be family time. In the past, I quit Facebook twice! Due to spending too much time with it. Instead of cutting it out cold turkey for a third time, I’m going to give myself a time frame to use it.

I made that list this morning, I may end up tweaking it a bit possibly adding a few more deep clean chores, but it’s a great start to get me where I need to go. I probably can do more than one deep clean chore everyday, but setting limits is what this is about and spending more time with the family.

June 26, 2019

My plan is working so great! I’m very much less focused on social media, but I do can put in the time needed in the evening, and respond or give some input in the morning. I’m slow moving in the morning, and like to do some reading and such with my coffee.

I will say, the first day cutting back on social media was tough! I was constantly wondering what I was missing, finding myself standing still thinking what should I do next and think about picking up my tablet. I did pretty good though and it is easy today! Here is an update on my list!

Marking off chores I have completed
Loving the descaled dishes! I have been wanting to do that for a long-time, but never could keep up with the dirty dishes. My secret here!

June 28, 2019

Despite the wonderful results here at home, I feel like I am losing out a lot of engagement with the public by scheduling social hours late in the day. 9 pm (its really been more like 10:00-10:30pm). Also, evening hours are for me and Chris to catch up as well.

I have come to realize, that I just need to let go of what was socially norm for me and only go online when I can. Right now, the kids are happily playing together, my work is caught up for the time. 

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