Depo and Donation Trip

Taking a trip to the depo to drop off refundable recyclables such as cans and the like. Normally, before consuming less products, we would have a full blue bag a month for refundables. I am not sure exactly, but I think we cut that in half. I started to use boxes to hold the cans instead of bluebags. Really, why waste a blue bag on those! A box does just fine!! Although, as you can see, there is a blue bag partially filled. I ran out of boxes! It will be reused for the other recyclables on the monthly pickup. My plan is to sew a cloth bag for the cans. That way I can just wash it and reuse it. Chris’ idea!

Since November, we have donated 40 boxes of items to The Salvation Army. I was happy to find out, everything we have donated, stays in that charity location. This means we are helping local families! Love it! Most of these items include baby toys and clothes Thomas (our youngest) out grew. Other items are clothes that do not fit the other children, shoes as well and snow gear. I have donated some kitchen items that are doubles (not necessarily needed).

There are still a number of places in the house that need a clean out! Working slowly towards those places. Master closets, broom closet, Attic, the big kids room and basement. The Garage needs help too, but that is more so Chris’ place. He knows more about what is in there than I do!

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