Water Park With the Boys (2)

Fun day at the park today! First we brought our refundable recyclables to the depo and dropped off a bunch of boxes of items for donation. I did not know the park had the water running this week! I was not prepared for the boys to be wet! But oh well, so be it! I asked Jack, please don’t get soaked! I don’t have spare clothes!! Lol!

We had a blast, and they did not get soaked. We did not stay too long as we needed to go home for lunch, but I was inspired by the fun and we went back, prepared for water this time! But, I took no pictures, though they did not play in the water!!! Oh well! We players, hide and seek and swung on the swings! Nothing like under ducks at the park!

Thomas scoping the park out!
We see water!
Much fun
Jack being cautious at first!
Loving it
Play time
Jack played the most in the water!
Hammock! Lol
Turning it back on! (Timer)

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