Heritage Park With the Little Boys

Beautiful day today, we could not miss out! I took the boys with the wagon and walked to Heather Moyse Heritage Park. Lots of fun there. Open grass areas, bridges, trails and a path to the nearby High School track. We made it there and we had a blast! Jack ran 3/4 of the track and played with the soccer ball a bit. The boys chased butterfies too! So nice to have such a big open safe place for them to go and burn off energy!

Taking in the view
Here we go!
And they are off!

Bridge time, there are three in this area.

Getting a better view
Jack loves it!

Thomas is very excited!

Off they go
More trails
Heading to the track
Jack leading the way
Jack picked a flowered me!
Jack racing up the hill to the track!
Thomas racing behind Jack up the hill to the track
Thirsty! No single use bottle here!
Soccer time!
Jack stretching his legs, but more interested in butterflies!

We got home and made our first ever snow cones! I’ve put in the blender until crushedsand then some grenadine put on top. Delicious! No more Freezies needed!!

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