Frozen Treat

After a long walk and adventure with the two boys, Jack wanted us to make popsicles. Though, I had none ready or a recipe to use, I decided to try making a snow cone or slushi.

I was talking with some friends in a trip coming up with alternatives to Freezies. I mentioned about snow cones and was advised I should uses the blender! I did and it was awesome!!

1 tray of ice at a time is plenty. Less works best in my blender. I scoop the crushed ice into cups and poured some grenadine on top. Add a spoon, and there you go!

Next, is to find syrup alternatives. Homemade or bought in bottles, not plastic bottles, like our grenadine. Years ago, I remember grenadine was in glass but they switch to plastic at some point.

Jack says he can’t wait until Julia gets home from school to try it!! I’m getting more feedback from friends to use frozen water melon, frozen banana with milk for an ice cream like treat! More to come I’m sure!


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