Superstore Trip

Went back to Superstore today for more Turkish Pearl Couscous, brought a bigger container this time! But, the lady asked me to not bring glass containers incase it falls and breaks, spoiling all the food. Makes sense! I will comply, with a tin can I will repurpose!

I will continue as usual at the deli meat counter, as they don’t have to carry my dish around. 

I was also very pleased to find out, that the bagels stored in the pick your own bins (plastic free) are not just emptied from bags into the bin! I was Looking for certain bagels I bought yesterday and they had none in the bin. I asked over the counter and they had some stored in the freezer in a box, not in bags!! I was happy to see that!!

Ancient seeded bagle


Great Day Shopping Plastic Free!

Shopping at Superstore, using my own containers.

Bagels in cloth bag. Deli meat and quinoa casseroles in my own dishes.
First time getting this product in my own container! Super easy with the staff at Superstore!

The Summerside Butcher Shop, compostable butcher paper.

Call in the morning (or the night before) to place your order, “wrapped in paper”.
I reuse a cake tray turned upside down as a container for the chicken. Reuse.

Bulk Barn trip, lots of goodies and lots of jars!

Picked up another box of these containers. They are awesome and on a great deal!

Set of 12 glass containers with covers.
Plastic free packaging is a huge bonus!

These bags being sold at Bulk Barn are locally made from repurposed material. I am loving them!!!

“Inspire someone today”

Farmer’s Market Haul

This weeks Farmer’s Market trip.

Free range local eggs, bacon, back bacon, laundry soap, bar soap, fresh greens, pepperoni and salami.
Specifically asked last week for a English cucumber to be unwrapped. Testing to see how good it is!

Pleasant Pork, Emmerdale Eden Farm, The Farmer’s Wife and Schurmans Family Farm .

Comparison June 2019

This weekend I took notes of regular prices per 100g and 100 ml comparing Sobey’s and Bulk Barn. I like to compare once in a while just to make sure the price is right shopping at Bulk Barn. This is just a partial of what I would buy. These prices most likly fluctuate too and are not “sale” prices. I did my best at the grocery store to choose the cheapest/bulk amount to get the lowest price. Keep in mind, big name brands would be more expensive as well as smaller quanities.

Dollar per 100g/ml at Bulk Barn
Dollar per 100g/ml at Sobey’s
Oh Henry
Table salt
Ground coffee
1.40 (Kurig pods are $6.22-$8.32)
Thompson Raisins
Popcorn kernels
Honey Roasted peanuts
Dried cranberry
Dried blueberry
Chicken boullion
Beef boullion
Active Dry Yeast
Quick Rise Yeast
White Sugar
Dark Brown Sugar
Icing Sugar
Baking Powder
Baking Soda
Corn Starch
Dark Chocolate Chips
Chunks 1.78
Hershey’s 1.44
Milk Chocolate Chips
Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips
Reces Pieces
chicken .96 and Brown 1.03
chicken 5.24, beef 7.96, for packets of powder
Rice (parboiled)
Arrowroot flour
As baby powder .95
Johnson’s baby powder .96
Lysol vs Cleaning Vinegar, 10%
Crest tooth paste tube vs container

The last two are not from Bulk Barn. Here are some pictures to compare them with.

Lysol, many chemicals vs 10% Vinegar, much more natural


Tube that is waste vs container that is potentially recyclable.



As you can see, some items are more expensive at Bulk Barn, but overall, there is a lot of savings! Where you save on some things, makes up spending more on others. Also on the plus side is the fact that individuals can avoid plastic packaging. Even more so recyclable packaging too. The cost and amount of energy to recycle plastics is too much. Sometimes the plastics can not be processed due to unforeseen circumstances. Less garbage and less recyclables is a good thing! Not to mention box board. single use compostable, but it takes a lot of energy to produce them. Cardboard too, takes energy and resources to break them down and turn into something new.

Package free when possible! DIY when possible! Share ideas and solutions with others.

Bulk Barn carries so much. My local store does anyways, and I know there are bigger Bulk Barns and also different types of Bulk stores. My local store carries treats, candy, chocolate, baking needs, dried fruit, nuts, rice of all sorts and beans. Spices, sprinkles, coffee, tea and pasta. Dog treats as well as bird seed. They have soaps and shampoo bars, soap nuts and washing soda. Honey, Butters and coconut oil. Cereals, oats and other grains. There are so many options!!

Pretty sure made a mistake in these previous comparisons with the flour. Either the unit priced at Sobey’s is 1.4 per kg or 1.4 per 100g. Will have to double check

Here is a link to my first comparison back in July of 2018.

Here is a link to my second comparison back in October of 2018.

Here is a link to my third comparison back in February of 2019

First Video, Shaping the Bread Loaves

Made a video, but there is no sound by me, just static. My tablet is not working properly. This video shows me shaping and rolling the dough. 1 bread loaf and 3 sub buns. Jack took a look too, then I try to figure out how to turn the camera around, only to realize I can’t. We finish off with an awkward showing of the shaped dough! Enjoy!! LOL!!

Bread recipe

Drying Rack

With 7 people in this household, we go through a lot of dishes! The double sink is constantly full of dirty dishes on one side and clean on the other, drying. The dish washer, if not empty is slowly loaded throughout the day. Basically, the kitchen counters are a mess and nightmare!

I seen a tip last week and it was jaw dropping. Use the dish washer as the drying rack!

New routine, hand wash dishes throughout the day and let them dry in the washer on their own. Around supper time, empty the clean ones and start adding dirty dishes to the washer for a full run in the evening. Come morning, put dishes away and continue as the day before; drying rack!

Clean counter and clean sinks! Less clutter!!

Cleared off, very little clutter!
Hand washed dishes drying.