Depo and Donation Trip

Taking a trip to the depo to drop off refundable recyclables such as cans and the like. Normally, before consuming less products, we would have a full blue bag a month for refundables. I am not sure exactly, but I think we cut that in half. I started to use boxes to hold the cans instead of bluebags. Really, why waste a blue bag on those! A box does just fine!! Although, as you can see, there is a blue bag partially filled. I ran out of boxes! It will be reused for the other recyclables on the monthly pickup. My plan is to sew a cloth bag for the cans. That way I can just wash it and reuse it. Chris’ idea!

Since November, we have donated 40 boxes of items to The Salvation Army. I was happy to find out, everything we have donated, stays in that charity location. This means we are helping local families! Love it! Most of these items include baby toys and clothes Thomas (our youngest) out grew. Other items are clothes that do not fit the other children, shoes as well and snow gear. I have donated some kitchen items that are doubles (not necessarily needed).

There are still a number of places in the house that need a clean out! Working slowly towards those places. Master closets, broom closet, Attic, the big kids room and basement. The Garage needs help too, but that is more so Chris’ place. He knows more about what is in there than I do!

Water Park With the Boys (2)

Fun day at the park today! First we brought our refundable recyclables to the depo and dropped off a bunch of boxes of items for donation. I did not know the park had the water running this week! I was not prepared for the boys to be wet! But oh well, so be it! I asked Jack, please don’t get soaked! I don’t have spare clothes!! Lol!

We had a blast, and they did not get soaked. We did not stay too long as we needed to go home for lunch, but I was inspired by the fun and we went back, prepared for water this time! But, I took no pictures, though they did not play in the water!!! Oh well! We players, hide and seek and swung on the swings! Nothing like under ducks at the park!

Thomas scoping the park out!
We see water!
Much fun
Jack being cautious at first!
Loving it
Play time
Jack played the most in the water!
Hammock! Lol
Turning it back on! (Timer)

Use What you Got!

Using a mason jar to contain my coffee for my trip to the park with the kids. I did not want to take time staying home to drink it (I needed one!) but I also did not need my travel mug to keep it steaming hot. Not a fan of the travel mug we have. It’s big and bulky. Good for long travels to keep the coffee hot, but this time round, I just wanted to drink the coffee right away when I got to where we were going.

The rubber bands are being reused, and will again, to keep my fingers off the hot jar. But, like I said, it does not stay hot too long.

Not fancy, but it works!


Heritage Park With the Little Boys

Beautiful day today, we could not miss out! I took the boys with the wagon and walked to Heather Moyse Heritage Park. Lots of fun there. Open grass areas, bridges, trails and a path to the nearby High School track. We made it there and we had a blast! Jack ran 3/4 of the track and played with the soccer ball a bit. The boys chased butterfies too! So nice to have such a big open safe place for them to go and burn off energy!

Taking in the view
Here we go!
And they are off!

Bridge time, there are three in this area.

Getting a better view
Jack loves it!

Thomas is very excited!

Off they go
More trails
Heading to the track
Jack leading the way
Jack picked a flowered me!
Jack racing up the hill to the track!
Thomas racing behind Jack up the hill to the track
Thirsty! No single use bottle here!
Soccer time!
Jack stretching his legs, but more interested in butterflies!

We got home and made our first ever snow cones! I’ve put in the blender until crushedsand then some grenadine put on top. Delicious! No more Freezies needed!!

Frozen Treat

After a long walk and adventure with the two boys, Jack wanted us to make popsicles. Though, I had none ready or a recipe to use, I decided to try making a snow cone or slushi.

I was talking with some friends in a trip coming up with alternatives to Freezies. I mentioned about snow cones and was advised I should uses the blender! I did and it was awesome!!

1 tray of ice at a time is plenty. Less works best in my blender. I scoop the crushed ice into cups and poured some grenadine on top. Add a spoon, and there you go!

Next, is to find syrup alternatives. Homemade or bought in bottles, not plastic bottles, like our grenadine. Years ago, I remember grenadine was in glass but they switch to plastic at some point.

Jack says he can’t wait until Julia gets home from school to try it!! I’m getting more feedback from friends to use frozen water melon, frozen banana with milk for an ice cream like treat! More to come I’m sure!


Stripping Cloth Diapers

About a month ago, I started to use up the stash of disposable diapers I had sitting around since October of last year. I figured I had better use them up (only needs diaper at night or trips out and about). There were 43 I believe, we are down to about a dozen now. One of the reasons I switched back to using them (besides we already bought them, they need to be used by someone anyways, destined to landfill either way) was because Thomas’ cloth diapers started to repel liquids. Every morning he was wet as well as all the bedding.

I had come to realize, with help from friends on other groups, that the diapers had formed a mineral buildup (from hard water) and the laundry detergents were not getting that off the inserts. If I put water on the insert, it would not soak into the pad. It actually just stayed on top, beaded water that would slide off when the pad was tipped. I will note, he has had no rashes, the inserts and everything else have been cleaned, no problems in that area.

I really did not want to switch back to using Tide. We have eliminated it and I did not want those chemicals back, or the scent that came with it! Blah!! I visited the Fluff University site online, and read the directions for stripping. Tide was the best option. But, determined, I tried what I already had.

I soaked the cloth diapers for 7 hours in hot, oxygen bleach water with Nature Clean Powdered detergent as well as Borax. Agitated the load every hour or more. I rinsed the load and let it sit in a cold load with oxygen bleach for 30 minutes, then put them on 3 wash cycles with detergent and Borax.

Sure enough . . . they were still repelling the water. What a waste! I was disappointed! So, Chris bought some Tide for me to use, Unscented though. No way could I deal with the scents! (I was in the attic the other day going through stored clothing and I could smell the Tide off them . . . so gross when one has been away from those smells).

So I did another strip wash like the above steps, but this time with the Tide unscented. The inserts came out mostly improved. Tonight I will try one on Thomas as a test, maybe they need to soak again, but there is definitely improvement, very little repelling.

Update. Thomas was dry this morning!! Yay!!!!!


Outdoor Play, June 3.

Enjoying the sun while it was out. Lots of bees flying everywhere. Jack and Thomas sure are quite the pair outside! Playing and sharing! They are going to have a great Summer! Oh yes, me and the boys planted some cucumber seeds.

Resting bee
Thomas acting like a dog
Playing fetch!
Jumping back to me! Lol!!
Boys will be boys!
Love the following!!
King of the castle!
Jack climbing to get the ball
Posing for picture!
Oh my heart!!!
Love love love!!

Some pictures of the garden plants and flowers