Loving The Plastic Free Options

Loose oranges (not bagged), bananas and homemade bread.
Grapes, I just pick a small amount of each out of a bag or two and placed them in my cloth bags. (Take what I touch). It would be nice if these where not bagged at all, and customers chose the amount they wanted, not the pre-packedĀ  way.
As requested at the Farmer’s Market, no bag. There are fresh carrots available at our stores, package free, tops still on. Canadian produce when in season, American produce out of season.
Apples. Many kinds sold package free.
Broccoli package free. Lettuce package free too, wrapped in a towel. More oranges underneath.
First to eat grapes from last week, single onions (yellow and red) not bagged! Some kiwi in there bought singly. Red and orange pepper, bought singly. No packaging! Yes, a tub of parmesan cheese. Looking for a plastic free option. . .

Something I want to work towards is buying only local and in season foods. I buy as much local as I can already and package free, but there is a large carbon foot print to get some of these fruits here. Sure they could be bought as a treat once in a while, but not weekly. A change of attitude and habits!

Ground coffee
Bacon, back bacon, salami and pepperoni, deli meat.
Whole chickens, chicken breast and Hamburg.
These Almond bites are great! Super crunchy.
Pretzels, pistachios, cashews, almonds, peanuts, honey roasted peanuts, sunflower seeds, walnuts, and roasted hazelnuts. I got dried fruit and shreddies as well as raisins and bran flakes to make my own “Raison Brand”. The kids love making trail mixes. Also, containers of chocolate chips in the freezer bought package free too.
Candy and chocolate
Farmer’s Market hull. Bacon, free range eggs, salami, laundry soap, Island maple syrup, Island honey, local raspberry jam, garlic and a single saucer for our cats’ wet food from second hand store. No more plastic dish for her and less hand washing, into the dishwasher it goes! $.50.

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