Trans Planted Some Maple Trees

Our backyard is a very sunny spot. Absolutely no shade from the Summer sun. We used to have a huge tree that would block the sun and the whole backyard was shady and cool, up until about 2 years ago.

I was cleaning up the flower beds and as always, I found some young maple trees growing. I decided that they should get planted where someday, shade would be provided.  I chose 3 as I did not want to plant too many close together. I thought this is much cheaper than buying trees, and I know it will take years for them to be helpful. Better to start now than later (Should have started one or two years ago, really).

I am worried the young kids will pull them out or walk on them. They are small, 6-8 inches tall. I tied some jute around Popsicle sticks and stuck those in the ground around the trees. By one of the fences, the neighbors peble/rocks are pouring between the planks. The kids are always into those. I took some and made a circle around the trees I planted, just to give more of a visual.

I asked the kids to be careful and treat the tiny trees like babies. Babies in our backyard who someday will provide shade. I hope it works!

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