School Lunches, May 2019

School lunches wrapper free!
I have many of these containers (which used to be used for homemade playdoh) and I am able to pack two days worth of lunches with them. One set being used, one set dirty. I am reusing cranberry juice bottles to give a drink for school, but these bottles tend to wear out after about 4 or 5 months. (Want to find a steel bottle that is about 250 ml of a little more, not a plastic one and must have a screw on top to prevent leaks. (I already tried the Rubbermaid juice boxes but they leak when laying down).

Packed in the lunches (Varies everyday): homemade granola bars, Breton and soda crackers (bulk packaging), pretzels, apple slices, strawberries (clam shell), grapes, carrot slices, banana, orange pepper slices, cheese (bulk packaging), cereal (bulk packaging), juice ((2/3 full) cans), and either sandwich meat like beef or leftovers such as chicken (from our Sunday roast chickens), occasional hotdog (bulk packaging). Alaina wants water everyday instead of juice except on Wednesdays! They each have a water bottle as well.

Mostly whole foods. Juice come from aluminum cans as those are more readily recycled compared to the plastic jugs. (We have switched juice intake to once a day). Water and milk are available always. I myself just eat an apple or orange if I want juice. Best ever!!!

With much feedback from friends online, the kids will have 9 oz steel bottles for school instead of the plastic ones I am reusing. I will look for second hand in the coming months, and my eyes are set on a brand online if I can not find second ones.


School is almost out. I would love to make some cloth snack bags for the dried goods over the Summer. That would result in less dish washing. To be honest, I get annoyed by all the plastic dishes everyday! Normally I reuse the cracker dish for the week, so 4 containers times 3 kids is 12 containers and 12 lids everyday. These are best to air dry as well, taking up space for that time. I could wash them before bed everyday, but I’m not that organized!! Most of my energy is used for the morning and afternoon. I’m out by the time supper is over! Lol!

This is what it takes stay away from prepackaged foods. A little extra work (or a lot if you don’t like washing dishes, lol) to be plastic package free and healthy lunches.

Last year, if I can remember, the lunches contained: left over chicken (which was packaged), apple (bulk packaged), berries (clam shell), fruit cup (individually packaged), granola bar (individually packaged), fruit gummies (individually packaged), fishy crackers (bulk packaging), yogurt tube or drink (individually packaged), juice box (individually packaged), occasionally Bear Paw cookie or pudding (individually packaged), Rice Cake (bulk packaging).

Wow, comparing this before list to today’s list for lunches, another great reason to switch to package free foods! I know my children are eating way more healthier now!! All that processed foods there, blah!

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