Homemade Pizza

We have started to make our own pizza and garlic fingers to cut costs. At the same time its cutting other kinds of waste too.

I buy Hamburg from the Summerside Butcher Shop plastic free, as well as salami and pepperoni from Pleasant Pork at the Summerside Farmer’s Market, plastic free. Cheese is the only thing not plastic free, still working on that.

Chris found an amazing recipe for garlic butter! This is round #2 with it. I found an amazing recipe for the dough! I was making one large garlic fingers and one large pizza, but there was too much food waste. This time round, #4, I made one large pan half pizza and half garlic fingers. I like this better, less prep and faster cooking time as I can only fit one pan in the oven at a time (to bake properly).

To be honest, the kids were not liking the garlic fingers, tweaking the cook time, temperature and amount of ingredients for them. Looking for the right pizza sauce as well. I want to make my own sauce come tomato season!

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