We finally ran out of molasses. We only buy it once a year or so. Off to Bulk Barn I went as they sell Black Molasses and Fancy Molasses. I went with Fancy, as that is the Brand I always buy anyways. I used a yogurt tub, which was great as it has a wide mouth, making it easy to fill with the ladle provided; though sometimes it’s a good idea to bring a rag with you to clean up your container from runoff drips, I usually use one of my cloth bags and stick it in my pocket.

I wanted to recycle the old molasses container I had, but I could not. Reuse was embedded in my brain so much I felt guilty not to use it. Perfect squeeze bottle made for suspencing molasses. No reason I can not reuse it again.

Slowly but surly, I poured the molasses into the container without a mess. Next time round I will probably use a jar as I’m still learning about the nasty plastic leaching problems. One step at a time. (Reviewing the article again, I think I will just put the molasses in a jar, in the morning).

Fancy Molasses 
Ready for transfer
Mission complete

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