More Clothing Repairs and Jacks Teddy Pup

My clothing repair corner is getting pretty big! I have lots to do with my new sewing machine. I have not Used it very much and received it for my Birthday from my mom and step dad back in January.

I have more plans for making cloth bags and even a cloth bag to hold the refundable recyclables instead of using a blue bag or a box. Once the cloth bag for two are full, I can take them to the depo and take my bags back and wash them. Reduce and Reuse! (I just got to take the time to make them, lol)

Cotton thread, not synthetic. Will not support synthetic.
Feet pretty holy. These have been worn by Daniel and Jack.
Sewed on a patch to the inside of both feet, hoping to get one more child through these, Thomas. Surly the feet part can be replaced altogether, as the rest of these pj’s are in great condition!
Not quite sure what to do about the outside. At least there is no draft anymore! Lol
Any tips?
Julia’s pjs got a massive hole too.
Patched up.
Jacks teddy pup was in need of mending.
Found another hole.
Jack is happy!
Christmas bag I told my brother Scott I could fix up with the sewing machine. On one side, the seam completly let go almost down the while bag.

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