Grocery Trip These Days

Sobey’s Friday night trip.

Produce in cloth bags, plastic free except for a few stickers. Potatoes, Nature Clean laundry detergent, Cheerios, spaghetti, and crackers with some plastic waste. Strawberries, Nutella, syrup, toothpaste, pop and milk in recyclable packaging. Cheese, hit dog pack and chips complete wasteful packaging.

Summerside Farmer’s Market in the A.M. 

Package free carrots, bacon and back bacon, pepperoni and salami, shampoo bar and tomato plants.


Deli meat for sandwiches and school lunches. Used my own container. I love Superstore for allowing this!
Forgot these apples for Daniel at Sobey’s last night. No produce bag needed. I carried them to the cash and placed them in my carry bag to the vehicle.

Bulk Barn.

Coffee, pretzels, graham crackers, molasses, sugar, pistachios, sunflower seeds, dried blueberries, raisins, gummy worms, peanut butter , chocolate nut bars, garlic powder, ground black pepper, walnuts and vanilla. This container if vanilla, Club House 455ml, is the only one I can find that is 100% recyclable. Other brands and sizes have a cap that is non recyclable.
I decided to reuse these elastic bands for Bulk Barn trips. I have not yet made draw strings for my cloth bags and do not really have a way to secure them close. I have never had a spill happen, but do want them secured (someday, lol). I will not store them on my key chain in the future, probably not the most sanitary place to keep them as I touch scoops for collecting products. (Picking up my keys every time I need an elastic).
Elastic bands in use.

Summerside Butcher Shop.

Two whole chickens and 1 lb lean Hamburg.

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