Thrift Shopping For Thomas

I’m not much of a thrift shopper. It is not one of my strong points and I don’t take the time to go shopping for second hand clothes. I always bought new when I could (starting out on my own). Having 5 kids, we passed the clothes down to who ever could wear them. Thomas is wearing Daniels’ clothes which were Jack’s totaling to 10 year old clothing. Of course some of those are newer as once in a while we would buy an outfit or the grand parents would buy clothes on special occasions (3 sets of grand parents), which is super helpful.

Our thoughts on second hand shopping is that the clothing is already worn out and not in great condition. Another opinion is that second hand clothing should be reserved for families with low income, those who need access to lower priced clothing. I don’t believe that anymore. There are so many second hand clothing articles, there is plenty to go around. Something we must practice. But, I am learning on this zero waste journey that second hand shopping is a great tool to use. A change of habit just like all the areas of reducing what we consume (products). I’m sure if we look we will find great clothing! If we continue to buy new all the time, new clothing will be made to replace what was bought, putting more demand on the environment. Reduce and reuse!

This Spring, I realized, for some reason, our youngest child, Thomas, did not have a spring jacket or sneakers to fit his size! I don’t know how we managed that with having the two older boys to pass on their belongings! I took this opportunity to put thrift shopping to work.

I took Thomas with me to our local thrift shop, Frenchies, and was pleased to find exactly what I was looking for in just a couple minutes! Thomas was so happy!!

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