May Recycling Inventory Check

Every now and then I like to take inventory of what is in our blue bag. It is amazing that our family has gone from 2.5-3 blue bags of recyclable plastics to 1 a month! This time round, there are no K-Cups as my husband has switched to using the reusable cups like myself! Yay!

Here is a link to the last inventory done back in February and another in there linked to Novembers’ inventory.

Milk cartons and one large pack of toilet paper package. A tin tray that the Mc. Cain cakes used to come in, but now I think they are just plastic trays. (this one is old, was in the kids room to be reused for something  . . .  one time ).

Raspberry trays, cat food cans, soup cans, a tangled/bent up slinky, hash browns (must make my own), and a few random others.

I have been keeping any large containers, like vinegar jugs in case I need something like that someday, or if ever there is a refill station of some sort for soaps/detergents. Then I can use them or share them out to who ever needs one! I have a blue bag almost full now. I do not want to recycle them but reuse them if I can. I am also saving any strawberry clam shells as they make great storage for kids puzzles (when the box breaks enough or current bags rip). I sent some sunscreen to Grammies for Jack the other week and put the sunscreen in one of those containers for safe keeping in case it got squished and leaked. No way it will get squished in that and it was a perfect fit, No baggy needed! Sometimes I receive a grocery bag and I immediately put it into recycling, first mind thought is I don’t need this! But this time round, my second thoughts were I should keep it to reuse, so in a drawer it goes for storage.

Finished the last of the molasses as well, but I could not recycle it. It is a great container that can be reused again, probably molasses from Bulk Barn.


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