Daniel’s Sea Bed School Project

Daniel had his first make at home school project. Grade 4 and he had to choose a habitat to write about. He also had to created the habitat. Daniel chose the Sea bed.

So we got to the beach and collected some sand (which we will return) as well as a few shells and seaweed (coral). On our walk we found some trash (fishing rope and plastic bag particle). I mentioned the idea that he could talk about the problem of plastic in the ocean and with little talk, he was on board! He knows about the issues and understands what we are doing at home.

I found a clear container for him to use to set up his display. He wanted there to be at least a window so the shorter students could peer into the box and see the display, but the clear container set the bar higher! I found a blue folder which was cut to size to fit on 3 sides of the container as water. He poured in the sand and added some ocean life, shells, rocks, seaweed (coral). Then the plastic was added. As well as some tape to help hold his props in place.

At school he did a big write up on a slide show about his habitat. I wish I could see what he wrote, but since it is on a slide show, there is nothing to bring home. At least he is learning and teaching himself and others though. He sure did a great job, and he was super happy with his project, you can tell by the smile on his face!

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