Alaina’s First Communion

May 19th, Alaina’s First Communion.

Alaina my beautiful daughter
Lovely as the break of dawn
A girl full of joy
In my heart you stay
New journey’s are ahead
Always, I will stand by your side

A new dress for this girl, bought by Alaina’s Meme, Teresa. It will proudly be passed on to Julia for her First Communion in 2 years time. A funny story about this dress. Alaina had two to pick from. One was super fancy with lots of lace, gems and sparkles. The second was plain with bows on the shoulder and a simple one on the hip. She first tried on the fancy one, it sure was a looker. After she tried the second dress, her mind was made up. She loved the simplicity of the second dress and thought the other one was too fancy. What a girl! She made me proud!!!

Father George
Alaina’s teacher, Sister Marion

Alaina’s Catechism class was a total of 36 students. All receiving their First Communion! Half the Church pews where reserved for these children and their families. What a gathering! Alaina was second out of 6 to read one of the Prayers of the Faithful. What a wonderful job she did, speaking loud and clear. For weeks they have been practicing their prayers, songs and receiving Communion.

Alaina is standing top, first on the right
Alaina Top, third to the right

She received her certificate, a rosary and a special bookmark from the Church. There was a lovely reception to follow and so many pictures. Back home we had lunch and treats with family.

A piece of cake!

I did not get very many photos, I may get some more from family. I will post the best ones I have got, but my camera is not very clear. I was able to talk to the Catechism coordinator about the Church receiving donated children’s dresses/suits for these such events. It would greatly help families who can not spend money on a new dress or have to take the time to go find the right one. If the Church already had a display that could be loaned out, that would be so helpful. As I say, Reuse!!!

It was not three hours when the coordinator posted to the current class about donating dresses/suits to the church for future children at the Church. I was so happy to see that and I hope it grows!

Our walk to Church

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