Unscented Soap, New Kind

Last weekend I realized that our locally made bar soap for body/hand washing is made with palm oil. I am trying to avoid that product if I can as the production of palm oil is creating a major blow to the environment. Rain forests are being destroyed to make way to plant more trees that produce palm oil, effecting the wild life in those forests. One example is the Orangutan.

I hope after you have read those two links, you are on the same page as I. That being said, I want to find a new source of soap, and come up with a nice way to talk to our local vendor about the palm oil used in the soaps. Though I will continue to purchase our Shampoo bars as they are palm oil free.

At the Farmer’s Market I went to see another vendor who also sells handmade soaps. I never felt the need to explore this one before as I felt set with the first one. Turns out, this Vendor, Kettle Grove Soapworks is very local. They make soap with local goat milk and local Irish moss! I chose to try a bar of unscented. I tried it out as a body wash and wow, is it ever soft and nourishing!

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