Shopping With My Cloth Produce Bags

I love being able to choose the produce myself rather than grabbing a bag of pre-chosen products. I made these bags from old curtains. Just a simple project that can be done in minutes with a sewing machine or half an hour (if your me, lol) sewing by hand.

On top are bananas. We go through a lot in a week and it is just easier to put them in my bag, otherwise a bag is not needed. Next up is lettuce, a larger bag is needed to get the lettuce easily in the bag. Green onions package free. Grapes, instead of choosing a plastic bag of grapes, with a pre-chosen amount, I gently grab a bunch from two or three bags, being sure I take what I touch. This way I can choose a smaller amount provided or a larger amount, depending on the coming week and what I think we can eat. Berries are really the only plastic packaged fruit we buy. I know it is out of season where we live, but the kids really enjoy them. I would love to switch our habits to buying seasonal, more discipline required.

Bottom of cart includes a bag of Naval oranges, yet again, too many to leave rolling around in the cart. Same goes for apples. Then there is the unwrapped broccoli. Sobey’s stopped wrapping them! Two thumbs up!!


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