May 14th Litter Pickup

Me and the two boys went for a walk to the park this afternoon. Of course I had to take my cloth bag and cloth mits with me to pick up some litter scattered along the way. I was actually surprised that there was not a whole lot to pick up. Thomas and Jack had fun in the wagon ride and got to stretch their muscles at the park. Running, swinging, sliding, and climbing. They also helped to pick up some trash laying around.

Jack playing around
Snack time, Biodegradable!!
Jack found the first of many straws. Not very happy about that.

I like taking my cloth bag and cloth mits as they are washable and reusable. On our walk home I took a different street to see if I could find some litter and sure enough I did. Mostly along tall fences. It did not take long to fill my bag. I had to leave a huge mess behind as I had no extra bags, too much to carry having the boys and for the boys safety I could not leave them to pick up trash behind the bushes along the fence.  That is okay, I did my best and what I could manage. I will go back again on a non rainy day.

Full bag and only 1/3 done of the street.
So much trash it seemed like it got dumped here.
In front of the bushes got cleaned up but I will not leave the kids to venture further back for safety. This street is not very busy with traffic, but none the less, not taking a risk.

I am really hoping to get out with the big kids as I know they will be much more able to help with this matter. Maybe in the evenings these coming days and Summer when the little’s (Thomas and Jack) are in bed.

I know I don’t do a whole lot of picking up litter like a lot of people can due to the young kids, but that time will come. For now I can teach them to respect the Earth and put their waste in the proper place.

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