Scent Free Soap

Today, May 11th, I bought a bar of scent free soap from the Farmer’s Market. My face and even my back, shoulders and chest gas been broken out with acne/dry skin.

My skin has not changed to this state since switching to bar soap back in July, but it certainly has not gotten any better. I have been having issues for years and was hoping that since I switched to a more friendly option of soap, my skin would have gotten better.

I had a thought yesterday about fragrance and essential oils. Some essential oils are not what they should be, as I am learning; not true or wrong potency, not 100%. I avoid anything with fragrance/parfum too. A friend who works with doTerra Essential Oils, has been informative to me about this. So with trying all kinds of soaps for my skin (8 kinds, 6 different companies), I thought I should try one without the essential oils found in the brand I buy. Maybe that brand of essential oil is not good.

I tried the scent free when I got home and sure enough, my face did not get that burn feel. Here’s hoping the next week or so my skin clears up. (And its not the weather, its an all year round issue).

This pic does not do justice, its worse than showed, my camera is not so good sometimes.

May 16th update. While washing my face this morning, I felt a feeling I have not felt in a long time! Smooth skin on my cheeks! It was a difference for sure because I paused during rinsing knowing something was unusual. My skin was also not very inflamed after washing. Success so far!

I want to make a note as well, I did not want to seek medical help such as creams or other lotions. That would treat the symptoms but not help me discover the problem. Reducing is key not adding to the pile!

My thoughts to the problem included: Bar soap ingredients, essential oils, horomoans, chocolate, chlorine in the city water and most recently, my husband thinks I should do a fast for a few days and reintroduce some foods types slowly to see if there is a reaction, maybe a food problem. I am hoping my skin clears up more in the next few days!


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