Scent Free Soap, Tackling My Skin Issues

Today, May 11th, I bought a bar of scent free soap from the Farmer’s Market. My face and even my back, shoulders and chest gas been broken out with acne/dry skin.

My skin has not changed to this state since switching to bar soap back in July, but it certainly has not gotten any better. I have been having issues for years and was hoping that since I switched to a more friendly option of soap, my skin would have gotten better.

I had a thought yesterday about fragrance and essential oils. Some essential oils are not what they should be, as I am learning; not true or wrong potency, not 100%. I avoid anything with fragrance/parfum too. A friend who works with doTerra Essential Oils, has been informative to me about this. So with trying all kinds of soaps for my skin (8 kinds, 6 different companies), I thought I should try one without the essential oils found in the brand I buy. Maybe that brand of essential oil is not good.

I tried the scent free when I got home and sure enough, my face did not get that burn feel. Here’s hoping the next week or so my skin clears up. (And its not the weather, its an all year round issue).

This pic does not do justice, its worse than showed, my camera is not so good sometimes.

May 16th update. While washing my face this morning, I felt a feeling I have not felt in a long time! Smooth skin on my cheeks! It was a difference for sure because I paused during rinsing knowing something was unusual. My skin was also not very inflamed after washing. Success so far!

I want to make a note as well, I did not want to seek medical help such as creams or other lotions. That would treat the symptoms but not help me discover the problem. Reducing is key not adding to the pile!

My thoughts to the problem included: Bar soap ingredients, essential oils, horomoans, chocolate, chlorine in the city water and most recently, my husband thinks I should do a fast for a few days and reintroduce some foods types slowly to see if there is a reaction, maybe a food problem. I am hoping my skin clears up more in the next few days!

May 19th update. Last weekend I realized that our locally made bar soap for body/hand washing is made with palm oil. I am trying to avoid that product if I can as the production of palm oil is creating a major blow to the environment. Rain forests are being destroyed to make way to plant more trees that produce palm oil, effecting the wild life in those forests. One example is the Orangutan.

I hope after you have read those two links, you are on the same page as I. That being said, I want to find a new source of soap, and come up with a nice way to talk to our local vendor about the palm oil used in the soaps. Though I will continue to purchase our Shampoo bars as they are palm oil free.

At the Farmer’s Market I went to see another vendor who also sells handmade soaps. I never felt the need to explore this one before as I felt set with the first one. Turns out, this Vendor, Kettle Grove Soapworks is very local. They make soap with local goat milk and local Irish moss! I chose to try a bar of unscented. I tried it out as a body wash and wow, is it ever soft and nourishing! More to come on it in the coming days.

May 26

June 1st update. I think its safe to say, the new soap from KettleGrove is not working out.


Bought a bar of unscented glycerine soap at Bulk Barn. I was told I should try glycerine, so here I am.

This minute, as I am writing, I wonder if there is palm oil in this bar. . .

Update June 11th

Bedtime pic, not my best! Lol!

Skin is no better. (I am up to 10 different bars of soap, 8 companies). I had a thought today that maybe it has to do with me baking bread. The flour or yeast? I have been making bread for over 3 years. To me, it seems worse today (I made bread). It was bad a few days go, Sunday, by which I made bread Saturday I think. Chris says maybe the extra sun I’m getting these past few days is making my skin react more (more damage from the sun). We agreed, no more making bread for a couple weeks, and just buy it from our local bakery. Another place to try and get package free!

I mentioned before I don’t want to switch to a medical cream to clear it up. I want to know the cause and fix it at the source! I feel fine otherwise, not embarrassed or anything with the complexion. I do want it fixed though, if possible naturally. My skin does not get the burning feel when I wash with the 3 recent soaps (scent free). But it is irritated, itchy at times and inflamed at times (after washing/shower). My skin flakes too after washing, on my face. I will add, I have tried apple cider vinegar, shea butter, coconut oil and the last two mixed together.

June 26, 2019

Still inflamed, bottom half of face.

Still no change to my skin. I have been buying Ben’s bread for the past 2 weeks+. I will reuse the bags for something. I chose this bread brand becsause the bag is recyclable. I choose recyclable before plastic waste if I need to. The first time I had to buy bread, I went to bakery, but I could not get it plastic free. I would have to get there first thing in the morning before they bag the sliced bread. Getting out there early does not work very well for us (routine) and in really did not actually enjoy the bread. It was also too tall for our toaster! (We are so spoiled by the homemade kind!) The bags they use are not recyclable.

My next step is to stop eating breads and avoid gluten. I need to research into that and find out exactly what I need to avoid besides bread.

June 27, 2019.                        Made a list 

Can take up to 2 weeks -3 months to see results. Here we go! Day number 1.

September 8, 2019

Ha ha ha! My going gluten free lasted one day! It is so hard!!! I just gave up, and took my husbands advice to seek medicine. I was in to see the doctor for my daughter and asked about my complexion. Rosacea is what she says and I agree. Back in early June I was researching it, but I don’t know why I never stuck with my finding. Then back 8 July, my Aunt in law said Rosacea, as she has it too.

So, I got some medicine, a cream that can take up to 3 weeks before there are noticeable results and up to 9 weeks for a clear up. We will see then how it is. I started the medicine, Metrogel, August 31.

Yup, got a hair cut (do not love it) and stopped wearing makeup.


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  1. My husband also uses metrogel on his face and has had great success with it. It used it for a few months back in 2015 and hasn’t needed it since. Hope it works for you too!

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