Cleaning Residue Off Glassware With Homemade Apple Scrap Vinegar

I am trying out my first batch of apple scrap vinegar. I had to get a second opinion on my batch, and I had a lovely visitor, Gina Rideout, today who came all the way from St. John’s Newfoundland. She is a Certified Health Coach and doTerra Wellness Advocate at doTerra Essential Oils. She thought my batch was good. I thought it smelled like alcohol still, but she says more like apple cider vinegar. Yay!!!

So I’m geared up to try it on my residues glasses. Plastic free vinegar in the works and it is working amazing!

I just poured the vinegar in a bowl and let it sit a few minutes, turning the glass half way to coat the other side. A quick rinse and our glasses were sparkling again!

I will be putting a cup worth into the dish washer to help as the vinegar in the rinse agent dispenser is not cutting it! I put some store bought vinegar directly in the washer a few days ago and the dishes were not so residue feeling. I really did not want to buy more plastic jugs of vinegar, so I will experiment with this! Yay!

My second batch has been fermenting since April 25 and still going strong. I have apple cores stored in the freezer awaiting for this batch to finish, another week or more I think.

I had a couple bottles from Olive oil, and I will put them to good use to store the vinegar! I have been storing the first batch in a plastic juice container as I had no glass containers to hold the amount. Gina mentioned that the acid from the vinegar will ruin the container, which no knew, but, she gave me a little needed nudge to find an alternative. I did not want to go buy one and don’t have the time to go thrift shopping so I took a look to see a batch had for jars. I made up my mind that if I have to use a bunch of jars to stores the vinegar, so be it. Get away from the plastic container.

I found a Olive oil jar stashed away and luckily I had an empty one by the sink waiting to get washed. Meant to be! Thanks Gina! 

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