Oh Thomas My Boy!

This day, 3 big kids are at school. Jack is at grammies and grandads for a few days and Thomas has the run of the house. He can play with toys he rarely gets a hold of! No one to share to, no one to take his toys and no one for him to take from either. Peaceful, lol.

I started to clean up the floor in the kitchen and dining room. Chairs on the table and all paper and toys up as well. Long over due clean up.  I go to unlock the broom closet, and I can not fit the key in. I look and a stylus from a DS is in the key hole. I am having a hard time getting it out!! Lol!!! I can’t sweep or vacuum. Tweezers can not grip. I’m trying to use the stick of a paintbrush and tweezers, and no luck so far. 😂

Oh my dear Thomas boy! Xoxo

Oh, I got it! About 10 minutes of trying!! Yay!!! The end of the stylus is a bit more damaged from the tweezers, lol.

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