Decisions On Diapers

Thomas has been doing pretty well toilet training. Hard to believe it been about 15 weeks! Though, I know he is only 2 years old, it would be nice for more progress. He is just learning to tell us when he needs to pee and his dailey accident numbers are falling. But those#2’s have not yet made it to the toilet. I think he just needs more time, I’m sure that day will come soon.

To this day, we have saved approximately 675 disposable diapers from landfill! Not a big number but at least we started when we did.

Back in October (Thomas was 23 months old) when we started cloth diapering, we had some disposables left over, probably about 45. I decided to store them incase I needed them in an emergency, ran out of clean cloth diapers or if a grand parent babysat and did not want the hassle of cloth. But, I never had to touch the stash. Grammie was very good to not need them and there never came a time when I ran out of clean cloth diapers; we only had 13.

We had an overnight trip in Halifax recently and I brought cloth diapers. Absolutely no need for disposables. I brought enough to last us our trip and I knew we would have to use them throughout the day, not just overnight. I have 1 wet bag which is small and I designated it to very dirty diapers. I kept a grocery bag with me to carry the light dirty ones as I have a couple stashed away for reuse. It may have been more work and an extra bag to carry the soiled diapers, but it was worth it. The more we get out in that kind of adventure the easier it will be.

So lately Thomas has been wetting through the cloth diapers overnight. Bed and PJ’s wet in the morning. It really is not a big deal. I don’t mind changing him and the little extra wash, I have extra crib size bedsheets anyways. Tonight I was thinking about the disposable diapers just sitting in a box. I always thought that once we were out of the diaper stage I would donate them. I’m not going to throw them out. That got me thinking about his wet mornings. I thought that I should actually put those diapers to use for overnights.

  • We paid for them already
  • If I don’t use them someone else will; they are destined for waste either way; it would be double wasteful if they are tossed not used
  • Possible dry bedding in the coming couple months and by then maybe he will have completely dry nights

I’m pretty sure I am doing the right thing, using what we have. Once we run out of this stash, that’s it, no more. Either Thomas has dry nights or wet nights, or we change him when we go to bed, 3 hours after he goes down for bed.

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